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2016 Kawasaki KX250F Release Date

2016 Kawasaki KX250F Release Date

The release date of the 2016 Kawasaki KX250F will be early in 2016. The bike will host several of the latest technologies modestly, with the most surprising details such as Launch Control that will work as an enhancer. The devices will help the rider successfully stimulate the traction. Each member of the KX series for 2016 will have distinctive suitability for certain tracks. The KX series will be on the 250cc capacity engine, reminiscent of the past production of the KX version – this next model will be the first variant in that figures class. Regardless of the specs, the price is not available yet, due to ongoing production at the Kawasaki facilities. The primary thing that we should bear in mind is that the future KX will have the best handling, and be lighter weight, which are two new strengths that will make help the rider reach the podium quickly.

2016 Kawasaki KX250F Release Date 1

The electronic upgrades for the 2016 Kawasaki KX250F will provide convenience and improve the riding experience on any level of road difficulties. Moreover, the detailed specifications, such as DOHC engine with water-cooled along with 4-stroke and 1-cylinder. The fuel system will be using the DFI that equips the Keihin Throttle body and consists of two injectors. On the ignition system, this next bike will be using the Digital DC-CDI, and it will have the Chain system for Final Drive sectors. In terms of the color options, due to the major trademark process – the KX will be available in the Lime Green colors only. The bodywork will have an Aluminum Perimeter component.

Technically, the 2016 Kawasaki KX250F brings the unexpected to the world of off-road motorcycle riding, especially the motocross racing competition. The detailing of the whole body dimension even shows that these upcoming series have a light, short, and flexible bodywork. With overall length of 85.4 inches, and width of 32.3 inches – this outstanding motorcycle model will be in lighter size compared with the average motocross bike on the market. In total, the curb weight will be 233.7 lbs, which is excellent for bikes in its class.

2016 Kawasaki KX250F Release Date 2

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The incredible BRAIN One Motorcycle tracking equipment

The incredible BRAIN One Motorcycle tracking equipment

To improve your riding performance you need good feedback from your driving, either it be from the road itself or from a trainer. Which non of has have anyways…:) But now you can get that feedback to dramatically improve your skills, or just to have fun with! I present to you the BRAIN One tracking and analytic system that’s being crowdfunded at Kickstarter today! But hurry up if you want one, time’s soon up


Hi Elisa Gazzola! How did you come up with this idea?

BRAIN srl was founded by Simone Grillo (CEO) and Timoteo Ziccardi (CTO)  the 17th of June 2015  after obtaining 150K financial support by Industrio, an important hardware firm in Trentino, Italy.

One day Simone and Timoteo were sitting in front of the TV watching a GP race, staring at the amazing performance tracks of professional pilots and all of a sudden a light bulb went on over their heads and they started to talk about how great it would be if someone invented a device that allows everyone around the world, from professional pilots to amateur, to track their performance in an affordable way.

Simone and Timoteo have combined their passion for technology, hardware and motorbiking to develop the first smart telemetry device that can be eventually used to track all the action sports!

BRAIN Motorcycle Tracking System

Analytics like this is something that only the “big guys” with company sponsors have had access to. I’ve got a feeling that this could become a game changer in the amateur racing sports. How do you think this will change the game field?

Our BRAIN One device allows amateurs to feel like their great champions, because they can have all the metrics needed to improve their self but at a lower price and in a easier way! They don’t need to be mechanics or electronics for using it, because the only things that they should do are attach it (without cables or other boring stuff) and start riding!


Sounds easy enough!:) Many of our readers are “casual” bikers and not competitioners, why would you say, should they get the Brain ONE?

They should get a BRAIN One because they can feel like professional pilot even if they are not! They can create event to ride with their friends and to challenge them! Furthermore, they can use it also on the open road, if they want to track a trip on the mountain, they can see all their journey and they can ride in a more safe way, with the GPS Alert System inside the device.


I will challange EVERYONE!! Say, if I would want to be more eco friendly in my riding, could this help me figure out how I should do that?

No, our device don’t let you know if you can ride in a more eco friendly way, but, maybe in the future, can be develop a function like this…


Maybe not the most fun function but eco friendly driving is the future for many. You have so many sensors in such a small package, incredible! Which sensor is your favorite?:)

Microphone is our special jewel: we do special thing with it! It is used combined with our special algorithms and we can extract metrics like RPM or gear..and thanks to it, we can create also action packed overlaid video!

BRAIN Motorcycle Tracking System Sensors and measurements

So alot of fun youtube videos are to be expected. Finally, tell us: why should your project get funded?

Our project is already funded 😉 We really would like that every person feel like a TV champion. With the video with overlaid data they can see all their race and share it with their friends and their community!


Thank you Elisa Gazzola and best of luck on your future endeavors! (Saw that you just reached your goal so I guess luck is not needed…;))

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What You Need to Know When Travelling the World on Your Motorcycle

What You Need to Know When Travelling the World on Your Motorcycle


Would you like to travel the world on your motorcycle? Well, you can easily do so without breaking the bank. Just follow the guide here and you will be on your way there!

How to Travel the world on a motorcycle complete guide

Traveling around the world on your ride can be a fun adventure. Apart from your motorcycle, there are also some other things that you should carry along with you. Here is a guide that you can use to check on what you require for your adventure.



Regardless of the motorcycle that you buy, there are additional accessories that you need for a safe trip. To be on the safe side, you need a bike that is off road oriented and affordable. Go for something that can be repaired by any mechanic in case you encounter a problem along the way. Make sure that the petrol power is one that can stand the miles you will cover. Go for a bike with larger fuel tanks; this will save you the time going to gas stations for a refill. Apart from the power, you require protection such as headlight guard, skid plate, folding mirrors and hand guards.


Riding gear

Gear is a necessity for any motorcyclist. However, most people forget to wear boots and pair of gloves and even a sturdy sole. All these are necessary for your protection. There is no doubt that you will save your bones by wearing a waterproof jacket. Protection is vital when you are going for such long trips.



Do not leave the house without the tools; you are going for a tour around the world, and anything can happen. Try disassembling your motorcycle and reassembling it again. Carry the tools that you used for assembly on your tour. Make sure you replace any tools that are worn out. Grips and wrenches, tire irons, valve stem, are not heavy and can save you a lot on your trip.


Spare parts

Spares should be on the list of things that you need to carry. Take the tubes so that you can change them when your tire misbehaves. A box of nuts and bolts is important for your adventure around the world.



Going on a tour means spending nights away from home. Therefore, you require to camp wherever night falls. A sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and tent are necessary to have a complete tour. Go to tents that are easy to carry all in one. There are tent companies that provide options for motorcyclist around the world. Do your research to get a legit company.

Check that you have everything in place. Look for ways that you can save money, for instance; you can opt to cook for yourself instead of buying foods from restaurants. By doing so, you will enjoy cheap travel around the world. Go ahead and pack all your belongings and get ready for an exciting adventure. There is no doubt that you tour is set to be one of a kind.


Credits: Indefinitelywild Gizmodo